3 Innovative Ways for Lucida Laminates to Make Statement-Making Furniture

Lucida Laminates are the high gloss laminates from Century Laminates. They have an exquisite gloss, making them perfect for adorning the house or commercial space. The glossy texture gives elegance to the furniture they are applied on. The gloss doesn’t flash the eye. Rather, it pleases them. They are highly resistant to wear and tear, and hence if once they have been inculcated in the décor, then they last for a considerable time. They usually do not require much maintenance. They can be easily molded according to our will to achieve the décor of our dreams.

Innovative Ideas to Make Statement-Making Furniture

Laminates can be used anywhere to escalate the appearance of that area. From floors, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, doors, etc., to furniture, wherever they are applied, they make a statement.

The various colors, textures, and patterns available in the laminates make it possible to experiment with different home décor ideas. Many alterations and combinations can be made using these laminates to give a lavish look to your furniture.

Following are some creative ideas to implement on the furniture of the house:

Geometric pattern laminates

You can opt for laminates with diverse geometric patterns like circles, triangles, etc. You can choose these patterns in various colors, like solid warm, or nude colors. This particular design looks extremely modern and elegant.

Textured Laminates

Laminates are available in various textures. You can experiment with these textures to create a dramatic effect on your furniture. Embossed or engraved textured laminates can be chosen and applied to various parts of the furniture to give it a captivating statement. This design is also pleasing for the tactile senses.

Metallic finish laminates

You can opt for laminates having a metallic finish to give a luxurious, regal look to your furniture. Laminates appearing like gold, silver, bronze, etc., can be applied on the furniture to make them appear lustrous. Metallic laminates can be used on specific furniture parts like edges, legs, etc., to accentuate them.

Apart from these ideas, you can also opt for wood grain laminates with unconventional colors where laminates have a wood grain pattern, but their color is not like traditional wood. Colors like purple, teal, charcoal, etc., are applied to the wood grain pattern to make them appear unique. You can also go for gradient color laminates, where a smooth transition from one color to the other is made, and then such laminates are applied to the furniture.

Similarly, there are numerous ideas available for laminates for furniture that could be adopted to elevate the appearance of furniture in your residential or commercial space.

Lucida Laminates

Lucida laminates are the best choice for incorporating such creative ideas into your furniture decoration. They come with that gorgeous luster and gloss, which fills the furniture with elegance and grace. Also, a wide variety of options are available under Lucida Laminates that can be opted further to unleash your creativity. Lucida laminates also promise strength and durability to your design.

Furniture fills up most of the house. Every part of the house, from the living room to the kitchen, restroom, bedrooms, etc., all spaces have their own set of furniture that needs to appear good and pleasing. The décor of the furniture must also coordinate with the décor of the rest of the house.

While using laminates on your furniture, make sure the color, texture, and pattern of the chosen laminate must complement the decor of the room the furniture is placed in. Every effort will go in vain if the décor of the room and furniture do not match.


Lucida laminates from Century Laminates are the best laminates you can choose from the plethora of other laminates to create an innovative décor. The wide range of designs and options compels your creativity to go limitless, and you can do countless experiments using them.

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