On this occasion, we will discuss the meaning of the function of the drilling machine and its types. A drilling machine is a tool commonly used to make holes in metal, wood, walls, and various other types of media. Drilling machines are tools we often encounter in DIY (Do It Yourself) applications. The function of the drilling machine varies greatly depending on the type of the drilling machine itself. Hand drills come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Therefore there are various kinds of drilling machines available in the market.

The type of drill machine you buy depends on the purpose of the work required. Therefore, choose an electric and battery drill to ensure high function and durability to support your position. Exercises are widely used in facilitating applications; in fact, the training we use helps speed up work. A drilling machine is a category of various shapes and types of power tools. Therefore drilling machines are a category of products in great demand because this type of power tool is the best-selling product in the market.

In addition to knowing the meaning of the drill machine functions and types. The thing that must be considered when you use a drill machine is the use of drill bits. A good drill bit also dramatically affects the performance of the drilling machine you use. Therefore, if it is not sharp or, in other words, blunt, it would be nice to replace the drill bit. The drill bit price depends on the brand, type, and size, as well as the cost of the drill machine. Therefore, you can adjust many options to the level of craft.


In more detail, we will explain the various types of hole-drilling tools. Because of its development, the drill machine has many classes adapted to its function. Here are different kinds of drilling machines, including:

Electric Drill

An electric drill machine is a hand drill widely used for DIY applications (Do It Yourself). Because this type of drill machine is small, it is easy to use. Hand drills are usually used to drill metal or wood.

Concrete Drill

The concrete drill machine is the same as the hand drill machine. It’s just that this type of drill has two settings where one of the modes has an impact drill to be used to drill media or complex objects such as walls or concrete.

Battery Drill

Battery drills are cordless or cordless drills where the power source uses battery power. Generally, this type of drilling machine is usually used in work that is far from a power source and is used in work at height.

Sit Drill

A seated drill or vertical boring machine is used to make precision holes. This drill press uses a central shaft that is moved up and down and generally used according to needs.

Magnetic Drill

A magnetic drilling machine is a drilling machine that has a magnet in the unit. Its function facilitates specific jobs, usually used to drill iron walls because the interest on the machine body is helpful as a buffer when it is attached to the iron media.

Rotary Hammers

Rotary drilling machines generally have three setting modes that can be used to drill iron, concrete, and mortar. The type of drill included in this type of concrete drill is often called an SDS + drilling machine, where the drill bit is installed to plug it in without a key.


A demolition hammer, a Jackhammer, or a hammer is a drill specifically used to break or destroy complex media. Such as concrete, asphalt ground, castings, etc. This demolition machine is generally used in the demolition of construction.

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