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Do You Know Your State Laws and Regulations?

Enable me start with the following caveat: I am not an attorney, and the next article is not intended to present lawful opinions. Other than my commentary, the data referenced in this article is out there on the web to any person searching for it. As enterprise owners, it is up to you to look at that restrictions are latest, as they normally get improved, modified or eradicated altogether and are no for a longer time relevant.

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A Reoccurring Actuality

During my decades of talking with collision repairers throughout the place, one reoccurring reality I come across is that most store house owners and managers are unaware of the regulations and restrictions that govern their company in the condition(s) they run.

Other respected professionals these kinds of as lawyers, healthcare practitioners, construction contractors, accountants and plumbers know the policies and polices that govern their business enterprise functions, specifically in which their expert services contain serving the general public.

Do You Know Your State Laws and Regulations?

The function of state regulations and guidelines is twofold and supposed to safeguard the community in opposition to fraudulent auto repair techniques, thereby improving general public confidence in genuine auto maintenance amenities and mechanics. What’s great for the shopper is fantastic for the image of the several automotive maintenance industries, which includes the collision maintenance market.

A single can be assured that insurers not only know the regulations that use to their business enterprise practices in the states they run, but they also know these of collision repairers and other industries that may develop into included in declare settlements — and have realized to take total gain of their weaknesses.

Fantastic Business

It’s basically good small business for any business enterprise proprietor to know the state rules and polices that govern their organizations. In the collision maintenance market, it’s also crucial for store entrepreneurs/professionals to know the principles and laws that govern insurers and their statements procedures. This will empower repairers to safeguard their interests in addition to their customers’ and local community members’.

A person of the initially items I do when accepting a new consumer is assessment the maintenance authorization and support him or her assessment the state’s regulations and rules to assure that man or woman is in entire compliance. I then aid in crafting a complete restore authorization/contract outlining the client’s rights and the customer’s rights and obligations that the client can then take to his or her legal counsel for review.

When executing this investigate, I often uncover nuggets of details that are frequently uncovered to be very useful to the repairer. The following are examples of this sort of finds and how they may perhaps profit the repairer, possibly in enhancing the shop’s procedures and/or avoiding prospective infractions and liabilities though instilling accountability on other individuals.


A single of my coaching purchasers in North Carolina, although accomplishing his own research, discovered the following definition and description:

§ 58-1-10
Deal of insurance policy
(N.C. point out statutes)

A contract of insurance coverage is an settlement by which the insurance company is certain to pay income or its equivalent or to do some act of value to the insured on, and as an indemnity or reimbursement for the destruction, loss or harm of some thing in which the other occasion has an desire.
(1899, c. 54, s. 2 Rev., s. 4679 C.S., s. 6262 1945, c. 383)

My customer then sent this and other statutes to his legal professional to get a expert comprehension and he was offered the pursuing:

“A maintenance deal is a legally binding deal, and the negotiation of such a contract by a 3rd-social gathering (non-contracting bash), of the terms and gains derived from the contract, could be construed as practicing law. The insurance enterprise does not have a legal ideal to negotiate a consumer’s repair service deal (a contract which the insurance provider is not a party), and if an insurance company does so, they could be charged with training law without a license. Moreover, insurance policy appraisers/adjusters are specially prohibited from training legislation.

“Furthermore, because the deal of insurance coverage (coverage) is a lawful deal, the negotiation of the conditions of the agreement (by “negotiating” how much the insurance policies business will shell out for the repairs with the store) could be construed as practicing regulation as very well.”

So, the issue begs to be answered: Is it legal for a collision repairer to negotiate consumers’ promises for damages by negotiating the amounts they are entitled? It is common for the insurance company to negotiate the restore fees downward to a lesser sum than the repairer has identified. When negotiating, is the shop negotiating away the consumer’s rightful entitlements? Is this authorized, considering the shop may possibly gain from a relationship concerning the store and the insurer? Does this place the shopper in jeopardy and probable hurt? Who is on the lookout out for the consumer’s ideal interest in such a connection?

As just one can see, there may perhaps be boundaries and opportunity ramifications hidden in this kind of statutes and, as these types of, repairers ought to be intent on locating all they can to guarantee they continue to be inside of their lanes and do not get into trouble. It also emphasizes how not getting mindful of these data can help insurers to go off the rails and breach condition and federal regulations — all much too generally without the need of the the very least little bit of accountability.

Lienholder of File

The subsequent is a statute I acquired from an additional consumer in Louisiana relating to the legal rights of lienholders in his state:

Louisiana Revised Statutes Tit. 32, § 1720.1. Surrender of saved car or truck to lienholder

Notwithstanding any other provision of legislation to the contrary, if a car or truck put in a storage facility or a restore or overall body shop is encumbered by a lien, and the storage or restore or system store operator mails the notification necessary by R.S. 32:1720, the storage or repair service or overall body store operator shall surrender possession of the auto to the holder of any lien on the vehicle on behalf of the registered proprietor. The holder of any lien on the motor vehicle is the holder revealed on the data of the office environment of motor cars. No these surrender shall come about right up until the secured social gathering tends to make a full payment of the towing and storage prices and executes a maintain harmless arrangement, agreeing to indemnify the storage or maintenance or body store operator for surrender of the motor vehicle to the secured get together.

In some states, a lienholder of document (e.g. a bank, credit rating union, funding dealership, and so on.) who has a recorded lien on a vehicle has a priority lien and can consider possession of a car without paying for the repairer’s solutions. My interpretation of the Louisiana statute is, if the repairer does what it must by offering good notice when demanded, the recorded lienholder could in truth acquire possession of the car but only following building total payment for the repairer’s current expenses.

Ignorance of the Legislation

In some circumstances, I’ve seen lienholders, insurers and even attorneys test to misuse, misquote and/or provide misinterpretations of point out statutes, regulations and/or polices in an exertion to realize their desired results.

As an instance, I was included in a situation again in 2005 when I experienced an insurer abandon what turned a whole decline car or truck at my store. This was a repair that was very well less than way where by a complement dispute arose in between my store and our customer’s insurance company (to start with social gathering). Right after appreciable endeavours — and the issue remaining unresolved for about a year — I submitted a non-adversarial lawsuit from the vehicle’s proprietor (our consumer) for payment of our prices, which he believed we had been due. It was effectively more than $20,000 for products and services, elements and storage costs — pretty a sum at that time.

A single working day, I been given a connect with from my lawyer stating that Florida has a lien statute (713.585 — Enforcement of lien by sale of motor automobile) which states that the company supplier (repairer, storage facility, and so on.) will have to send a “notice of lien” by qualified mail to individuals who have curiosity in the automobile inside 7 organization days from the time storage prices begin. He requested if I experienced the qualified mail receipt displaying it experienced been received. I suggested I did not, as I was unaware of owning to do so and hadn’t sent a discover. The final result? We ended up receiving only seven days of storage and the other costs, which totaled around $5,000. Lesson learned!

Trust but Confirm

In a different equivalent problem of a disputed complete reduction billing (where I followed the lessons I had earlier acquired), I acquired a telephone call from an insurer’s lawful counsel to advise me that, according to Florida statutes, the most I could charge for storage was $15 per day (versus $45) and that was all the insurer would pay out. And, I had 48 several hours to agree or they would find punitive damages for our “unfair and deceptive company practice” by overcharging. I requested him for the statute range he was referring to, and he stated, “Do your possess exploration you have 48 several hours.” And he abruptly hung up on me.

So I did do my research and found that he had tried to use facts from Florida statutes specially for towing and storage facilities which are applicable to the county’s rotation system whereby taking part tow and restoration organizations should agree to and abide by unique charges for their providers when concerned in a non-consensual assistance connect with (i.e. incident, recovered thefts, law enforcement impound, and so on.) — which experienced no bearing on automotive provider amenities. It was clear the lawyer had tried to use faulty and non-factual info to get a reduce settlement. I by no means spoke to that lawyer all over again, while I want I could have. The insurance provider ended up paying out our whole billing on behalf of its policyholder and did so in just the 48 hours I demanded.

It would have been straightforward to be intimidated and think the attorney. Immediately after all, he’s an legal professional, an “officer of the court” and a accredited law expert who surely would not lie, permit by yourself make this sort of an mistake, proper? If I hadn’t finished my investigation, my business would have missing about $2,500 in genuine service fees — and very likely even extra would have been missing in the subsequent yrs experienced I not completed my because of diligence as a company owner. Take note: I have had numerous coaching consumers in various states who’ve experienced very similar attempts created on them pertaining to this identical situation — making you wonder if this isn’t in a normal playbook of some sort.


My issue is uncomplicated: As organization house owners and supervisors, we need to develop into acquainted with the rules that govern our corporations within just our communities and states and know how and exactly where to find them when necessary. We also have to have to stay abreast of any alterations that can and do choose position from yr to yr throughout legislative periods. It would also behoove us to know what rules and statutes govern other people we deal with on a standard basis to ideal provide our providers, workers and customers.

As I have stated quite a few occasions in the earlier, most body retailers are operated by ex-bodymen, and the occasions dictate that they need to turn into businesspeople with automotive collision mend centers if they hope to succeed. It is time to go mining.

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