How to Use Excel Online: a Step-By-Step Guide

Using Excel Online is a convenient way to create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets directly from your web browser. Whether you’re working on a project solo or collaborating with a team, Excel Online offers essential spreadsheet features with the flexibility of cloud-based access. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use Excel Online effectively.

Accessing Excel Online

To start using Excel Online, you can easily access the application through a web browser by signing in to your Microsoft account. Excel Online can be reached directly from or OneDrive, allowing for smooth editing, sharing, viewing, and editing of spreadsheets online.

By logging in with your Microsoft account, you gain access to a familiar Excel interface that supports over 471 functions from Excel 2016 for effective data manipulation and analysis. The integration with OneDrive guarantees automatic saving of your work, eliminating the need to manually save your progress. This feature not only provides convenience but also offers peace of mind knowing that your work is continuously being saved.

Additionally, the collaborative aspect of Excel Online enables real-time collaboration with others, making it easier to work together on projects. By leveraging the accessibility and functionality of Excel Online, you can enhance your productivity and streamline your spreadsheet tasks efficiently.

Uploading and Saving Workbooks

When uploading workbooks to Excel Online, utilize OneDrive for seamless access and file management. OneDrive allows you to efficiently organize your workbooks into folders, making it simple to store and retrieve them as needed. As you upload your workbooks, Excel Online automatically saves any changes you make, removing the need for manual saving. This feature guarantees that your work is always up to date and secure.

Within Excel Online, you can view worksheet data in view mode, which includes functionalities such as sorting, filtering, and exploring your data. Additionally, you can collaborate with others by sharing your workbooks, enabling simultaneous editing, change tracking, and managing privacy settings through folder permissions. This collaborative feature makes it easy to work together with colleagues or classmates on projects while maintaining control over who can access and modify your work.

Excel Online and OneDrive provide a user-friendly platform for uploading, saving, organizing, collaborating, and sharing your workbooks efficiently.

Creating a New Workbook

Begin by clicking on the ‘New’ button in Excel Online to create a fresh workbook for your data entry and analysis needs. Excel Online, part of Microsoft’s suite of online applications, allows you to easily open Excel for the web in your browser.

By signing in to your Microsoft account through or OneDrive, you can access Excel Online and kickstart the process of creating a new workbook. This web-based version of Excel enables you to work on your spreadsheet without the hassle of additional software installations.

When you create a new workbook in Excel Online, rest assured that your work is automatically saved, providing convenience and peace of mind. The streamlined procedure for creating a new workbook ensures that you can swiftly begin inputting and manipulating data, making your spreadsheet tasks efficient and straightforward.

Viewing and Editing Data

You can effortlessly view and edit data in Excel Online directly within your web browser, streamlining your spreadsheet tasks with ease. Excel Online, accessible through OneDrive, enables seamless integration and collaboration on spreadsheets.

When editing data, you can change values, modify formulas, and apply basic formatting options to enhance the appearance of your spreadsheet. One of the convenient features of Excel Online is its automatic saving functionality, which removes the need for manual saving and guarantees that your work is continuously preserved.

For more advanced edits or to access specific Excel features, you have the option to open the file in the Excel desktop application, providing you with a more extensive set of tools for intricate spreadsheet manipulations. By utilizing Excel Online, you can efficiently manage your data, make necessary adjustments, and leverage basic formatting options to enhance the overall presentation of your spreadsheet.

Collaborating and Help Resources

Effortlessly collaborate with others in real-time using Excel Online by sharing files through email, links, or QR codes. Enhance communication by adding comments to spreadsheets for effective feedback.

Access a variety of help resources within Excel Online, including Microsoft 365 training and security information, to support your data management needs. Utilize Add-ins and integrations to improve functionality and productivity in Excel Online.

Manage privacy and sharing settings by organizing files into folders, ensuring efficient collaboration while maintaining data security. By leveraging these features, you can streamline collaboration processes, receive timely feedback, and improve overall productivity.

Excel Online provides a versatile platform for sharing, creating, and editing files, making it a versatile tool for team projects or individual tasks. Take advantage of these collaborative features and help resources to optimize your Excel Online experience and achieve your data management goals effectively.


To sum up, Excel Online offers a user-friendly platform for creating, editing, and collaborating on spreadsheets. By following the step-by-step guide provided, you can easily access, upload, save, and manipulate data in your workbooks.

The collaboration and help resources available make it simple to work with others and find support when needed. Excel Online is a powerful tool that can streamline your workflow and improve your productivity.

Start using it today to enhance your spreadsheet capabilities.

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