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LED Beacon Light Range

Simple Strobe Light Circuit: For those who are fond of the automotive world, surely you have often heard of strobe lights, right? This light is usually used on police cars. But besides that, who can also use strobe lights to decorate lights on vehicles? Well, for those curious about the strobe lights series, here’s an explanation.

Work principle

The working principle of strobe lights is generally almost the same as the performance of flip-flop lights. The difference is that the lights will flash interspersed with the sound of a loud and loud siren. In this simple strobe light circuit, an IC 1A component will create an oscillator with a high square wave where the VR1 member will adjust the frequency to produce a good signal.

Simple LED Strobe Light Circuit

The main component of this series of LED strobe lights is the LED. LED strobe lights are usually used to simulate a series of police car lights where the lights will flash alternately or use some rotating plate. You can also make this series of LED strobe lights yourself. The components in this series are also easy for you to get at electronic spare part stores. You will need 2 IC (Integrated Circuit) types 555 and 407 and 2 transistors.

Understanding Further What is a Strobe Light

A stroboscope light, also known as a strobe, is a light or device that produces a flash of light. These lights are often found on official government or service vehicles to indicate sure signs to road users.

Its use is commonly found in vehicles owned by the police, military, ambulances, fire engines, and various other cars. As long as the vehicle or service has an official permit, the use of a strobe can be carried out according to the regulations.

Gas Strobe Beacon vs. LED Strobe Beacon

A gas strobe beacon is a gas-filled pipe with a rotating base lens. When electrified, the pipe flashes and is amplified by a lens that casts a 360-degree light. The intensity of light is determined by the amount of electricity flowing.

A light-emitting diode (LED) strobe beacon consists of a base, an LED or group of LEDs, and a cap. The solid-state flash controller is located within the floor allowing the LED beacon to emit various flashing patterns with less power consumption than Gas Strobe Beacons. The LED strobe beacon allows the vehicle’s engine to be shut off while the beacon remains on.

Strobe Beacons Are More Energy Efficient Than Rotating Beacons

Strobe beacons are similar to rotating but are more energy efficient because they have no moving parts. These beacons are also more reliable because they are not easily damaged when subjected to extreme vibrations.

Functions And Applications Of LED Beacon Lights

A vehicle signal light is a rotating or flashing light mounted on the top of a vehicle to attract the attention of nearby vehicles and pedestrians. Emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, trailers, construction vehicles, and snow removal vehicles carry beacon lights.

The color of the light varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction; the distinctive colors for police, fire, and medical emergency vehicles are blue and red; dangerous yellow (slow cars, wide loads, trailers, security guards, construction vehicles, etc.); green volunteer firefighters or medical staff, purple for violent vehicles. Beacons can be made using halogen bulbs similar to vehicle headlamps, xenon flash tubes, or LEDs. Incandescent and xenon light sources require the vehicle’s engine to operate continuously to ensure that the battery does not run out when the lamp is used for a long time. The low power consumption of the LEDs allows the vehicle’s engine to remain off while the light is operating the node.

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