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Our Favorite Car Cleaning Kits for National Car Care Month

Our Favorite Car Cleaning Kits for National Car Care Month


April is National Car Care Month! (Relax, gearheads—we just found out as well.) To celebrate, we’ve culled a list of some of our favorite car cleaning and detailing kits designed for various purposes. No matter what kind of car you drive or how seriously you take your car care, there’s a car care kit on this list to satisfy the Car Care Council.

Who? The Car Care Council of North America. It’s a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating motorists about the importance of regular vehicle care, maintenance, and repair throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. One of its most persistent endeavors is the “Be Car Care Aware” campaign to inform and educate regular consumers about the value and benefits of consistent auto care and maintenance.

That includes cleaning and detailing. There are an awful lot of products on the market, but buying what you need every time you need it can add up—fast. Instead, consider a car care and cleaning kit. You’ll get everything you need for exactly what you need—sometimes you’ll get far more than you need. But one-stop shopping in this day and age, especially with the convenience of free home delivery from Amazon or Walmart, makes a car care and cleaning kit an easy choice.

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Best for Inside & Out Car Detailing

  • Complete kit and a great value
  • Includes foam cannon and wheel scrub mitt
  • More product than most of us will ever use

Adam’s Polishes Arsenal Builder Car Wash Kit contains 17 products to let you clean every nook and cranny of your vehicle. From car shampoo wash soap to spray wax, tire shine and wheel cleaner to interior detailer and glass cleaner, this kit has it all, including three microfiber towels, drying towel, wheel scrubbing mitt, wash sponge, plus a bucket and grit guard. It even includes a foam cannon and three rearview-hanging air-freshener discs.

Not only is it a complete inside-and-out cleaning kit, it’s a fantastic value. If you were to purchase each product individually, the retail value would be $204.99.



Best for Regular Car Wash and Care

  • Won’t clog the garage shelf with products
  • Trusted brand name
  • Watch for sprayer quality

Meguiar’s G55012 Classic Wash & Wax Kit is ideal for those who love their car’s curb appeal but don’t have the time or energy to go “full detail” every time out. This kit has all the essentials for regular car care such as the popular Gold Class car shampoo, Quik detailer, cleaner wax, and wheel and tire spray.

The kit also includes a microfiber towel, applicator pad, and car wash sponge.



Best for Car Waxing and Polishing

  • TorqX polisher is ideal for beginners and easy to use
  • Accepts any 5.5-inch buffing pads, polishing pads, or brush accessories

Some car care projects require a bit more oomph, and that’s why you need an orbital buffer. The Chemical Guys TorqX Complete Detailing Kit features a TorqX dual-action machine polisher, plus five hex-logic foam polishing pads, letting you choose the perfect pad to remove deep swirls and scratches, refine the finish to restore gloss and shine, and spread the perfect coat of wax for enhanced glow and durable protection.

You also get bottles of polishing-pad cleaner and conditioner to make your pads last, plus three microfiber towels.



Best for Car Interior Detailing

  • Great for leather, plastic, vinyl, and fabric
  • Many of these products will work well around the house
  • You still have to wash the outside, bud!

To keep your car or truck’s cabin looking new, regular cleaning and care is key. Jay Leno’s Garage Interior Essentials Detailing Kit has everything you need to keep your cockpit sparkling. It includes Jay’s interior detailer, fabric clean, glass cleaner, two-pack of microfiber towels, and a very Leno-esque denim jacket air freshener.

With this kit you can clean everything from your headliners to your floor mats—even LCD screens.



Best for Car Exterior Detailing

  • Large sizes of all products so you won’t run out anytime soon
  • Founded in 1980, 303 Products is an OG car care company

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a new brand or product, but sometimes it’s best to stick with what’s worked for decades. 303 Exterior Care Kit #30810 has everything you need to clean from the tip of the antenna all the way down to where the rubber meets the road, including car wash, tire and rubber cleaner, speed detailer, automotive UV protectant, and tire dressing and protectant.

It includes a tire brush, tire applicators, a car wash mitt, and three microfiber towels.



Best for Quick & Easy Car Cleaning and Care

  • Can’t get much more convenient than this
  • 90% of Amazon users rank it 4 stars or higher
  • Don’t use these wipes to wash the whole car, and don’t ask us how we know

If you like cleaning on the go, this is the kit for you. This Armor All 18782 Protectant, Glass and Cleaning Wipes three-pack has three buckets of 30 wipes each for touch-ups on the interior, exterior, and even the windshield of your car, truck, or SUV.

Stash this popular package in the trunk for quick and easy car cleaning with no mess, no liquids, and no rags required.



Best for Cleaning Black Cars and Trucks

  • Claims to restore dull, aged black finishes
  • Powerful UV protection keeps your paint from dulling and fading, even if you live in the desert
  • Only works on black cars; please don’t go rogue with this stuff

If you drive a black car, whether professionally or just because black is badass, you know how tough it is to keep the swirls and scratches at bay, no matter how careful you are. Turtle Wax’s Jet Black T-3KT Black Box Kit is what you need to keep black cars streak-free and silky smooth. Turtle Wax Jet Black products use a black-tinted technology to fill in blemishes while deepening reflections.

The kit includes pre-wax cleaner and conditioner, deep black carnauba wax, two black spray detailers, and two applicators.


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