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Volvo plans switch to Tesla technique to improve next-generation EVs

Sculptured design

Fermer, who returned to Volvo in 2018 following virtually 3 several years performing at Apple as a senior products style and design engineer, said that working with megacasting will permit Volvo “sculpture the structure tighter around the chassis, powertrain and inside.”

This must assistance enhance variety, he said, for the reason that it is probable to decreased the seat, roofline and the comprehensive cross part of the automobile at the exact time.

Casting significant sections of the ground structure of the car as just one single aluminum aspect also boost assortment by cutting down body weight, Volvo said.

Varela explained there are also sustainability added benefits from transferring to megacasting.

“All the aluminum that you are injecting is employed,” he said. “You don’t have any scrap like you do with stamping.”

Fermer mentioned the transition to electric auto output is the perfect time switch to megacasting mainly because it really should permit Volvo the overall flexibility to be ready for additional modifications.

“There will be engineering methods on the motors, batteries, whatever, so it is very good to have an architecture that is adaptive. That way you can rapidly adjust to a new method. If you have traditional output set up with all these subassemblies, it is a discomfort if you want to improve something.”

To Varela the major challenge will be transitioning to megacasting at the exact same time that classic generation procedures are underway at Torslanda, but he is confident in the group. “We trust the capabilities of our men and women and their functionality to adapt and to be agile,” he explained.

In addition, Volvo is familar with the system, albeit on a smaller scale, from it buy of solid parts such as spring towers. “We by now know how the approach works. Now we are heading to be carrying out it on much larger parts, but the technology is not radically distinct from a medium section or a small portion.”

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